"The leadership team at The Mint Capital had all the information inside ourselves, but we needed a pro to say, “Here’s your message; here’s your strategy.” Rachel was that person. She didn’t leave us with the groundwork – she gave us the complete package and left us ready to go! Every stage in the process was clear, well planned, well communicated, organised, and delivered on time. Rachel’s pleasant personality was helpful in drawing the valuable, deeper information out of ourselves and the associates she interviewed. Her work clearly evidenced that she’d “got it” – she had grasped what we’re all about. Going through Rachel’s process has given us so much clarity about our USP, as well as powerful terminology to express it. So, do I recommend Rachel’s services? For sure – for any business who needs more clarity on their strategy and brand messaging; and wants a clear, pleasant process to get there."

Lou Landau Sales Manager, The Mint Capital