I want the world. I want the whole world.

And I want it nooow.

Alright, Veruca business owner.
I hear you – and I’ve created a day package for you!

6 – 8 weeks is too long to wait for your sales-surging copy? No need to go howling down to the incinerator!
We can lay your golden egg in just 8 hours (but let’s get one thing straight: I’m no silly goose).

I set aside one day every month for the most spoiled, impatient driven, enthusiastic business owners who need express turnaround and supercharged results.

Here’s what we’ll do:


Off to a great start:

A day before the big day, we get on a 45-minute call to discuss your goals. You’re welcome to send me some information about your business beforehand so I’m familiar with what you do by the time we get started.


Leave it to me:

I flex my marketing muscles and get writing. You’re free to do your favourite things!


Your turn:

You review my work and add your comments.


Buff time!

We go through your comments and live edit, giving your copy the signature Copy Buff sheen.


Wrap it up:

Take your copy and run with it! I’ll be happy to address any further comments the next day (‘cos I know the most important thoughts surface at 3am).


“What impressed me the most about working with Rachel was the clarity of communication and her initiative in moving the project along. Often I have to keep tabs on a service provider and check in to see that progress is being made. With Rachel, it’s the opposite. She handed the draft in before it was even “due” and then made sure we provided her timely responses and did not lose momentum on the project. She also showed initiative as it pertains to the content itself and didn’t merely prettify and jazz up the raw inputs that we fed her. Rather, Rachel researched the product being described in the marketing copy and included features and benefits that we did not even think about.”

Alex Turetsky
Founder and Director,

What can I do for you in 8 hours? A LOT.


Write a standout LinkedIn profile + cold sales email + follow-up email



Website audit (video and written summary of recommendations) + write 3-5 emails (nurture sequence, welcome sequence, abandoned cart – your choice)



Copy for a series of 3 print ads + 5-7 effective lines (brand fairy dust!) you can sprinkle on all your marketing materials + cold sales email + follow-up email



Your custom combination, because every business has different needs. I’ll be happy to advise you on how to get the most value out of your time.

Note: All services delivered as part of a day package will be based on existing research.

Investment: $1700

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“I actively deal with a lot of copywriters – none are adept at Rachel’s level. Right away it was evident that she knew what she was doing. Her process was very organized right down to the convenient payment method, communication was perfect, and I never had to run after her. I have never had this experience with a copywriter. Her research summary exceeded my expectations and gave me a solid foundation for all my marketing; and the standard of her work really surprised me – it’s already bringing me leads. I will definitely be recommending Rachel to others.”

Joe Freund

Artisan Design Studio

“It was a pleasure to work with Rachel – she really gets it! Rachel kept to the deadlines and delivered what I outlined in our brief perfectly. I love the creative approach she took to the copy and how she made it attention grabbing. The copy really fits perfectly with the tone of voice I was aiming for! Suffice to say I’m really pleased with everything so far and look forward to working with Rachel again in the future.”

Chaya Miller
Creative Director,
Artisan Design Studio