All dressed up and nowhere to go?

That’s what it can feel like when you’ve got a gorgeous logo, snazzy business cards… and prospects aren’t impressed.

Brand strategy isn’t as cool as your branded notepads,
but it’s the document that will:

Give you a thorough understanding of what sets your brand apart (so it’s clear to prospects why you’re the perfect choice).

Give you in-depth knowledge of your target market (so you can talk to them like a friend — and earn their loyalty).

Crystallise your core brand message (so you build a strong brand presence and deliver a promise, rather than a product or service).


Cultivate and define a consistent brand voice (so you avoid jarring off-brand interactions).

What does a brand strategy document actually look like?

Document designed by Hudi Bloch @ Purple Pixel | Video by Avraham Kohn @ Filmdust TV

Rachel, is brand strategy something I need?

YES, if:

You’re starting something new.

Congrats! Get it right. Know who you are. Who you’re targeting. How to talk to them. How to turn your business into a brand.

You’re rebranding.

Going bigger, going different. You need a long-term plan for success. Pssst! ‘Brand strategy’ is the marketing term for ‘long-term plan for success.’

You’re outsourcing content or copy writing.

Get your blog posts, social media posts, ads, and emails written in your brand’s voice the first time round – no need to keep explaining what works and what doesn’t.

You’re expanding your team.

Ah, the joys of inducting new employees! This document will make the process so much shorter and easier. Hand them this, and they’ll know what your brand does, what it stands for, and the tone to use in their client interactions.

Purple Pixel Design Group

“Rachel came highly recommended for brand strategy by the owner of a branding agency. Want to know why I’ll be recommending her to others? The what: Rachel knows what she’s doing and is fully committed to the end result of the project. The how: She is pleasant and flexible to work with, and happily goes the extra mile to ensure the client receives a solid piece of work. The result: My client was very impressed, and had a truly solid brand strategy to work off. The document Rachel produced will be serve as the North Star for his brand.”

Hudi Bloch
Creative Director,
Purple Pixel Design Group

Hunt & Gather

“I had a vision for my new business but had no idea how to make it happen. What impressed me most about Rachel’s work was the way she grasped what I was thinking but had been unable to express. She gave my business such clear direction, and it’s all based on thorough research – she even spoke to several clients first-hand. Rachel’s copy has really set the standard for my business! Strategy is an essential step for a business, and Rachel is the one to go with – she’s a perfectionist, is easy to work with; and most importantly, knows what she’s doing.”

Farzad Youshei
Hunt & Gather


60-minute discovery call to tell me about your services, current and ideal clients, competitors, and marketing goals.

Extensive market research + competitive analysis.

Careful review of all feedback (reviews, chat logs, call logs, relevant email conversations).
Interviews with 2-3 of your clients to glean priceless first-hand insight into their pain points, hesitations to using your services, and experience with your company.
Comprehensive research deliverable neatly and clearly summarising the takeaways from our strategy call, my research findings, and the best VoC (voice of customer). This document will serve you well as a solid foundation for all your marketing channels.
Beautifully designed brand messaging guide covering:
» Brand overview: brand goal, mission, vision and position
» About Us — history and culture
» Core values
» Elevator pitch
» Brand personality
» Target customer
» Customer pain points
» Client hesitations to using your products/services — and how to overcome them
» Brand voice and word choice guidelines
» Core brand messaging: Effective lines you can use time and again across all your marketing platforms.

Investment: $3495