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Get brand strategy + copy that boosts your bottom line

Win them over, Rachel

Once upon a time, 

not so long ago, you heard that clear messaging could seriously increase sales.
So you set out to get some…

You asked your friend who’s good with words to help you out. The copy sounded nice, but it was generic and jarringly off-brand (too cute for your sophisticated brand — or too formal for your brand’s quirky vibe.)
You found a freelancer online offering bargain rates. The results were embarrassing. (Honestly, you weren’t too surprised — they never asked a single pointed question or mentioned their strategy + process.)
You gave up on others and sat over your copy yourself for hours. Days. Nights. It was teeth-grindingly hard. It still didn’t communicate your brand’s value. (Hey, don’t beat yourself up — you’re a business owner; not a copywriter!)
You even approached a marketing agency, determined to get it right this time. You had to deal with disinterested secretaries and lengthy processes. There wasn’t much personal interest or enthusiasm. (The worst part? The copy was ‘okay’ — not the ‘wow’ you’d paid for.)

In despair, you wondered where to find the sales-boosting copy you kept hearing about.

You’d invested time, money and effort — why wasn’t the copy refining your brand message, attracting the right customers, and increasing sales?

And then you heard about a copy buff.

I’m Rachel, and I help business owners surge their sales.

rachel grunbaum

I’m a certified copywriter,

(unlike your ever-helpful — but under-qualified — friend), delivering copy that is targeted, on-brand, and focused on results.


PLUS I’m a sales funnel strategist

(scroll down to check out the pretty badge!) — which means I can answer these questions for you:

  • My product is excellent — how do I get more leads?
  • I have plenty leads — why aren’t they translating into sales?
  • What should my process be for turning prospects into clients — and which marketing materials do I need?
  • My sales process is expensive, draining, and time-consuming. How can I automate it?

I’ll review – or help you build – your sales funnel, and map out a strategy to plug those leaks and automate the client acquisition process. Stop sighing when you think of your rickety funnel, and say ‘Heeey!’ to your optimized funnel that seamlessly lands prospects onto your client list.


My process is thorough, clear and dependable,

(this is a full-time business, not a wishy-washy side gig), giving you a solid strategy and reassuring timeline to fail-proof success.


I give you boutique-level service,

corresponding directly with you and really getting to know your business (unlike corporation-style agencies who simultaneously manage tens of brands and can’t seem to give your project individual attention). With me you get an enthusiastic and committed team member who gets things done.

Centix Life Tech

“I was having trouble getting out of my “expert speak” and simplifying my message with language that would reach my prospects at their level of awareness. I spent way too long trying to do it myself. I contacted Rachel and quickly realized that she isn’t a copywriter after all. She’s a brand and sales funnel strategist. She exceeded my expectations by really thinking about my outcomes, rather than just executing what was in the contract. Rachel truly cared about my success. Her process is clear and rational, from the detailed proposal, to the excellent communication throughout, and the monitoring of results. Speaking of results, the numbers say a lot – and the project’s success was definitely due to the early work Rachel put in to really figure out my business, which enabled her to speak my voice better than I could. I have already engaged Rachel for further projects.”

Jeff Gerhadt
Founder and Principal Consultant,
Centix Life Technologies


“What impressed me the most about working with Rachel was the clarity of communication and her initiative in moving the project along. Often I have to keep tabs on a service provider and check in to see that progress is being made. With Rachel, it’s the opposite. She handed the draft in before it was even “due” and then made sure we provided her timely responses and did not lose momentum on the project. She also showed initiative as it pertains to the content itself and didn’t merely prettify and jazz up the raw inputs that we fed her. Rather, Rachel researched the product being described in the marketing copy and included features and benefits that we did not even think about.”

Alex Turetsky
Founder and Director,

VCP Services

“We were looking for a new way to get prospects on board. We approached The Copy Buff and she came up with a powerful strategy to win over cold contacts, and developed a sales process to create and maintain our relationship with clients. She understood everything faster than I expected: our industry, business model, what we needed, and how to get it done. We are already receiving positive feedback on her work from prospects and clients, and seeing the results of the strategy and copy she devised. She was a pleasure to work with, and I definitely recommend her services to business owners – you’ll be impressed!”

Clive Rothbart
VCP Services

Hunt & Gather

“I had a vision for my new business but had no idea how to make it happen. What impressed me most about Rachel’s work was the way she grasped what I was thinking but had been unable to express. She gave my business such clear direction, and it’s all based on thorough research – she even spoke to several clients first-hand. Rachel’s copy has really set the standard for my business! Strategy is an essential step for a business, and Rachel is the one to go with – she’s a perfectionist, is easy to work with; and most importantly, knows what she’s doing.”

Farzad Youshei
Hunt & Gather

Mint Capital

“The leadership team at The Mint Capital had all the information inside ourselves, but we needed a pro to say, “Here’s your message; here’s your strategy.” Rachel was that person. She didn’t leave us with the groundwork – she gave us the complete package and left us ready to go! Every stage in the process was clear, well planned, well communicated, organised, and delivered on time. Rachel’s pleasant personality was helpful in drawing the valuable, deeper information out of ourselves and the associates she interviewed. Her work clearly evidenced that she’d “got it” – she had grasped what we’re all about. Going through Rachel’s process has given us so much clarity about our USP, as well as powerful terminology to express it. So, do I recommend Rachel’s services? For sure – for any business who needs more clarity on their strategy and brand messaging; and wants a clear, pleasant process to get there.”

Lou Landau
Sales Manager,
The Mint Capital

I’m a word girl, but these numbers make me pretty happy too:


Sales increase after a single cold sales email for a B2B company

Slots filled faster than all previous years at an annual fundraising event with an ad series


Sales spike after an ad series for a B2C company

Wondering what it takes to become a copy buff who gets these results?

Pick your potion for surging sales:

Brand Strategy

This is what turns your business into a brand. Your brand roadmap leads you directly to your dream clients (and that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

Sales Surgers

Be in the right place, at the right time… with the right message. You want surging sales? There’s an ad for that. Or an email. Or a video script.

Hire Me For A Day

Good things come to those who wait, they say. True – most of the time. Some things (like research-backed, irresistible copy) can’t always wait 6 weeks. Get me onto it pronto!

Not sure which service you need?
Discover your sales-surging solution in 20 seconds with my simple service-finder!

The copy difference is real.
You’ll see it with me, a copywriter who is:


I’ve invested countless hours and thousands of dollars into buffing my copy skills to a blinding sheen.


Quiz me on that daunting sales funnel — and let me lead your prospects right through it with my fail-proof process.


Deadlines are sacred. No excuses — ever. You’ll get a clear project timeline and regular updates.


It’s the bottom line that counts. Ask my clients how theirs changed after bringing a copy buff on board.

Crunch Time Media

“I was expecting just a script from Rachel, but she gave us so many extras. She really got involved in the project, doing research and giving me the feeling that we were really working together. She gave the project a lot of thought – it was evident in her email responses. I’ve seen scripts from other copywriters – Rachel’s was very impressive! I’ve learnt a lot about copywriting from working with her. Video producers: go for it! You’re great at what you do, but delegating to experts for other areas affects the final product. Rachel will give your project her all and deliver a compelling script.”

Moshe Finkelstein
Creative Director,
Crunch Time Media

Creative Percent

“Rachel is a creative, smart, sharp and seasoned writer who always strives for excellence. Within a short period, she “got” what I was trying achieve and came up with a NO-revisions-needed solution. It’s been a privilege to work with her.”

Frank Acosta
Creative Percent


“Working with Rachel is a charm! She’s hardworking and endlessly committed to exceeding your expectations time and again. Her work is outstandingly outstanding and her copy is stupendously brilliant. She’ll travel to the end of the web and back, researching, calling, following up, interviewing and everything good ending in “ing” to bring you the most clever, convincing and exciting copy that converts and brings big bucks to your clients. I highly recommend working with her (in case I wasn’t clear :))”

Avraham Kohn


“I actively deal with a lot of copywriters – none are adept at Rachel’s level. Right away it was evident that she knew what she was doing. Her process was very organized right down to the convenient payment method, communication was perfect, and I never had to run after her. I have never had this experience with a copywriter. Her research summary exceeded my expectations and gave me a solid foundation for all my marketing; and the standard of her work really surprised me – it’s already bringing me leads. I will definitely be recommending Rachel to others.”

Joe Freund

Pinnacle Roofers

“I contacted Rachel when I wanted to break into a more profitable market. Working with her was an amazing experience! She put herself fully into my business and became a part of it. Cold-calling prospects was so much easier because Rachel’s sales email had done most of the work already. I would recommend Rachel because of the results she delivers, and because she is a pleasure to work with!”

Shulem Fried
Pinnacle Roofers

…And they all lived prosperously ever after.

Fairytales are fun — but now it’s time to talk business.


Click here for some seriously grownup talk:

(No pumpkins or frogs involved — promise. Only a clear process, solid strategy, and sales-boosting copy.)