Ad + email copy for business owners who need measurable results


Once upon a time, 

not so long ago, you heard that clear messaging could seriously increase sales.
So you set out to get some…

You asked your friend who’s good with words to help you out. The copy sounded nice, but it was generic and jarringly off-brand (too cute for your sophisticated brand — or too formal for your brand’s quirky vibe.)
You found a freelancer online offering bargain rates. The results were embarrassing. (Honestly, you weren’t too surprised — they never asked a single pointed question or mentioned their strategy + process.)
You gave up on others and sat over your copy yourself for hours. Days. Nights. It was teeth-grindingly hard. It still didn’t communicate your brand’s value. (Hey, don’t beat yourself up — you’re a business owner; not a copywriter!)
You even approached a marketing agency, determined to get it right this time. You had to deal with disinterested secretaries and lengthy processes. There wasn’t much personal interest or enthusiasm. (The worst part? The copy was ‘okay’ — not the ‘wow’ you’d paid for.)

In despair, you wondered where to find the sales-boosting copy you kept hearing about.

You’d invested time, money and effort — why wasn’t the copy refining your brand message, attracting the right customers, and increasing sales?

And then you heard about a copy buff.

I’m Rachel, and I help business owners surge their sales.

rachel grunbaum

I’m a certified copywriter,

(unlike your ever-helpful — but under-qualified — friend), delivering copy that is targeted, on-brand, and focused on results.


PLUS I’m a sales funnel strategist

(scroll down to check out the pretty badge!) — which means I can answer these questions for you:

  • My product is excellent — how do I get more leads?
  • I have plenty leads — why aren’t they translating into sales?
  • What should my process be for turning prospects into clients — and which marketing materials do I need?
  • My sales process is expensive, draining, and time-consuming. How can I automate it?

I’ll review – or help you build – your sales funnel, and map out a strategy to plug those leaks and automate the client acquisition process. Stop sighing when you think of your rickety funnel, and say ‘Heeey!’ to your optimized funnel that seamlessly lands prospects onto your client list.


My process is thorough, clear and dependable,

(this is a full-time business, not a wishy-washy side gig), giving you a solid strategy and reassuring timeline to fail-proof success.


I give you boutique-level service,

corresponding directly with you and really getting to know your business (unlike corporation-style agencies who simultaneously manage tens of brands and can’t seem to give your project individual attention). With me you get an enthusiastic and committed team member who gets things done.

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“Working with Rachel is a charm! She’s hardworking and endlessly committed to exceeding your expectations time and again. Her work is outstandingly outstanding and her copy is stupendously brilliant. She’ll travel to the end of the web and back, researching, calling, following up, interviewing and everything good ending in “ing” to bring you the most clever,
convincing and exciting copy that converts and brings big bucks to your clients. I highly recommend working with her (in case I wasn’t clear :))”

Avraham Kohn

I actively deal with a lot of copywriters – none are adept at Rachel’s level.
Right away it was evident that she knew what she was doing. Her process was very organized right down to the convenient payment method, communication was perfect, and I never had to run after her. I have never had this experience with a copywriter. Her research summary exceeded my expectations and gave me a solid foundation for all my marketing; and the standard of her work really surprised me – it’s already bringing me leads. I will definitely be recommending Rachel to others.”

Joe Freund

“Rachel is a creative, smart, sharp and seasoned writer who always strives for excellence. Within a short period, she “got” what I was trying to achieve and came up with a NO-revisions-needed solution. It’s been a privilege to work with her.”

Frank Acosta
Founder and CEO,
Creative Percent

“Rachel’s enthusiasm came through from our first call. She was so easy to communicate and work with, and kept on top of the project to get it done. Her skill is bringing across messages very clearly, in a short and exciting way that people will remember. I really like every ad and am so happy I invested in them. Rachel gave the project that extra care, and it showed in the results — a 35% spike in sales!”

Joseph Gottesfeld
CMC Traders

“It was a pleasure to work with Rachel — she really gets it! Rachel kept to deadlines and delivered what I outlined in our brief perfectly. I love the creative approach she took to the copy and how she made it attention grabbing. The copy really fits perfectly with the tone of voice I was aiming for! I’m really pleased and look forward to working with Rachel again in the future.”

Chaya Miller
Creative Director,
Artisan Design Studio

I’m a word girl, but these numbers make me pretty happy too:


Sales increase after a single cold sales email for a B2B company

Slots filled faster than all previous years at an annual fundraising event with an ad series


Sales spike after an ad series for a B2C company

Wondering what it takes to become a copy buff who gets these results?

Pick your potion for surging sales:

Ad Copy

You’re spending thousands of dollars on ad placement. Make sure the message resonates with targeted and memorable copy. (No skipping the page on these ads.)

Cold Sales Emails

You have the solution to your prospects’ problem. They just don’t know it yet — or they’re not convinced.
That’s all about to change…

Email Sequences

New subscribers are hard to come by. Treat them well. Become one of their favorite inbox visitors — and a brand they love buying from.

Ad Copy

You’re spending thousands of dollars on ad placement. Make sure the message resonates with targeted and memorable copy. (No skipping the page on these ads.)

Cold Sales Emails

You have the solution to your prospects’ problem. They just don’t know it yet — or they’re not convinced.
That’s all about to change…

Email Sequences

New subscribers are hard to come by. Treat them well. Become one of their favorite inbox visitors — and a brand they love buying from.

The copy difference is real.
You’ll see it with me, a copywriter who is:


I’ve invested countless hours and thousands of dollars into buffing my copy skills to a blinding sheen.


Quiz me on that daunting sales funnel — and let me lead your prospects right through it with my fail-proof process.


Deadlines are sacred. No excuses — ever. You’ll get a clear project timeline and regular updates.


It’s the bottom line that counts. Ask my clients how theirs changed after bringing a copy buff on board.

“I contacted Rachel when I wanted to break into a more profitable market. Working with her was an amazing experience. Rachel put herself fully into my business and became a part of it. I felt she really wanted my business to grow — not just get paid and move on to the next customer. I got the copy really quickly — she set a date and stuck to it. Cold-calling potential clients was so much easier because Rachel’s email had done most of the work already. I would recommend Rachel because of the results she delivers (a 40% sales increase!) and because she is a pleasure to work with.”

Shulem Fried
Pinnacle Roofers

I approached three others before getting to Rachel, but they just couldn’t get the point I was trying to raise, and I wasn’t getting the work done. Impressively, Rachel grasped it in our first discussion without much explanation, and I got my copy faster than expected. I immediately felt she was capable and understood the purpose of the copy. I was 100% happy with every part of the process. I have put the copy to use multiple times over the past two years, giving me an excellent ROI. It always brought positive results! I have recommended Rachel to others and will definitely continue doing so.”

Yoel Deutsch
Landcore Ltd.

“We needed professional help when advertising our fourth annual event. Rachel approached the campaign with a refreshing, exciting angle that directed the whole campaign. There was a lot of art in her work. Rachel was efficient, straightforward to work with, and I appreciated her always providing a few options for the copy. Honestly, my expectations were lower — it was the first year we filled up so fast! I would absolutely recommend Rachel — she is amazing at what she does.”

Chesky Schapira
Committee Member,
Shas-a-Thon UK

“I was expecting just a script from Rachel, but she gave us so many extras. She really got involved in the project, doing research and giving me the feeling that we were really working together. She gave the project a lot of thought – it was evident in her email responses. I’ve seen scripts from other copywriters – Rachel’s was very impressive! I’ve learnt a lot about copywriting from working with her. Video producers: go for it! You’re great at what you do, but delegating to experts for other areas affects the final product. Rachel will give your project her all and deliver a compelling script.”

Moshe Finkelstein
CrunchTime Media

…And they all lived prosperously ever after.

Fairytales are fun — but now it’s time to talk business.


Click here for some seriously grownup talk:

(No pumpkins or frogs involved — promise. Only a clear process, solid strategy, and sales-boosting copy.)